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Friday, March 25, 2016

Summer Solstice Pond Escape Pod

From WindWolf Escape Pods in InWorldz, a relaxing pond in the woods with picnic spot and shelter.  A 60x60x60m rezzable skybox environment. WindWolf pods are beautiful self-enclosed environments feature details such as ambient sounds, particle effects, weather, couple and single poses, MLP driven cuddle blanket and more.
Cool Off in this Woodland Pond
Rowboat with Single Sits and Couple Cuddles
A Lovely Relaxing Environment
Summer Shelter includes single and couple poses.
Many Animals Inhabit These Woods.
Relax Under a Big Shady Tree.
Enjoy a Picnic by the Pond.
Summer Pond Overview
Interactive Elements include shelter, picnic blanket and boat.

A Romantic Spot in the Evening.
Get more info and visit the demos at
WindWolf Escape Pods
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